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Download The Story Of The 1988 MLB Season

Download The Story Of The 1988 MLB Season

📁 🕔07.December 2016
Download The Story Of The 1988 MLB Season" alt="Download The Story Of The 1988 MLB Season" />

The 1988 baseball season is remembered for an incredible home run in the first game of the World Series, one that capped a season-long run that seemed straight off the Hollywood set. In this blog compilation you’ll read about the entire context that set the stage for that October moment, including the following…

*The Los Angeles Dodgers had been on uncharacteristic downward spiral for two years with no sign of pulling out of it. The acquisition of Kirk Gibson and a historic pitching run by Orel Hershiser enabled the Dodgers to not only win a surprising NL West title, but do it with even more surprising ease. If those results were surprising, what happened in October—consecutive upsets of the New York Mets and Oakland A’s—were simply breathtaking.

*Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire have had their reputations tarnished because of admitted PED use, but in the summer of 1988 they were simply “The Bash Brothers” and they led a great Oakland team that overran the rest of the American League.

*The Mets were still loaded with the talent that seemed to promise a dynasty when they won it all in 1986. New York blew away the NL East and looked primed for a showdown with Oakland until they ran into the Dodgers.

*The Boston Red Sox were the weakest of the four postseason teams, but that meant their regular season path to win the AL East was the most interesting. The only division race that stayed compelling all year, the Red Sox used two big midseason changes—one on the pitching staff and the other in the dugout—to trigger some summer magic.

*The Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds didn’t advance to the playoffs, but each had seasons of historical note. Sparky Anderson, a Hall of Fame manager who led both teams during his career, had his last real contender with Detroit. This was also the realistic swan song for Reds’ manager Pete Rose– by the following summer the gambling problems that would lead to his banishment from the sport had engulfed him and the organization.

The season-long narratives of this six teams are included in the compilation, a discussion of their key players and the critical moments that shaped the regular season. Then it’s time to get into October. You’ll read how…

*The Mets-Dodgers NLCS had so many plot turns that it clearly came straight out of Hollywood

*The A’s kept beating the Red Sox back at the key moments in every game of the ALCS.

*And nothing could match what was in store for the opener of the World Series, as Los Angeles set an improbable tone for an improbable upset that capped an improbable year.

All nine of these articles exist individually on They’ve been edited for this compilation and together they tell the story of the 1988 MLB season through the eyes of its best teams.


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